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Bio & Background

Do you know a word that really baffles us? Balance!! Everybody wants it, everybody seems to be looking for it…and yet it remains elusive!!

Goodness knows we have experience hunting for it!

Between running two businesses, having volunteer obligations, being part of social groups, and trying to organize 4 schedules, somewhere in there we were supposed to raise a family, and create an environment that would allow kids to develop and grow into responsible, loving, kind, generous, ambitious human beings.

It was when both James and one of our sons had a health crisis that we finally looked at each other and said “we can’t do this anymore” and we began to look for a better way.

We had to take a good look at our priorities and be honest if they were helping us truly meet the goals we had for our family. we had to overcome the pressures to raise our kids in a traditional way and we had to be fully committed to putting our family first every time.

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We Specializes In

  • Building family culture
  • Clarifying family goals and priorities
  • Increasing communication skills
  • Increasing Empathy and restoring relationships
  • Creating meaning
  • Releasing from disempowering experiences