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You know those days were nothing is going right?

Your behind, running late, and whatever could go wrong is going wrong?


You know those days right?

When whatever you try ends up failing and you feel like retreating from life?

Just curling up into a tight ball until that day is over?


Have you ever wondered why somedays are like that?

why they feel so out of control and what you could do about them?


I’ve had my share of those days until i learned a valuable lesson.

One that changed my life completely.


I learned that the reason those days come, and the reason they don’t seem to get better is is actually very simple.


It’s connect to one small word…




Think about your internal dialogue on those days.

Does it sound something like this…


“this shouldn’t be happening?”

“i should be farther ahead”

“i should have been prepared for this”

“i shouldn’t have to deal with this”

“i should have had this done by now”

‘He should have known i needed that”

“they never do what they should”


Sound familiar?


Anytime we are focused on what the outcome of a situation should be, our energy is controlling and we tend to try to manipulate.

We have lost our connection to our true intention, to the core of ourselves, and worst of all we have lost our connection to the Devine.

Because the Devine can not align with that energy.


So what do we do?

How do we get back to our core selves and stop the crazy train so to speak?

It’s all wrapped up in another ’s’ word.



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